Leading Architect
Leading Architect



Pacific national University

Bachelor Of Architecture


Busan state University

Korean language course


Sun Moon University | South Korea

Master Of Architecture


Alexandra is actively engaged in projects of studying and re-profiling industrial areas in various cities of Russia.

One of the latest projects was presented in St. Petersburg in early December 2016 at the international seminar “the City in dialogue”, where he collected positive feedback.

The theme of revitalization is interesting because it is not limited to one area of architecture. It affects the landscaping and sustainable development of the city as a whole, poses challenges that require innovative solutions, allows you to engage local residents, and most importantly gives the opportunity to realize the most daring ideas and revive the history of the city, while maintaining its cultural value.

Alexandra takes seriously the projects she is engaged in, invests a lot of time in them, her ideas and thoughts, pays much attention to details, quality and style of presentation.

In the architectural Bureau Alexandra is engaged in Redevelopment, Landscaping, Participatory design.



Yuri Safronov, Architect, Head of Architectural Studio PROEKTUS
Yuri Safronov
Architecture Office PROEKTUS Partner-Architect Mark Safronov
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Руководитель Проектов Мария Гетманчук
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Михаил Алексеев | Архитектурное Бюро ПРОЕКТУС
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Nail Nigmatulin | chief project engineer AM.PROEKTUS
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Nail Nigmatulin
Александр Рабинович | Архитектурное Бюро ПРОЕКТУС
Design of residential, public, medical buildings.
#Chief Architect
Aleksandr Rabinovich
Regina Baron Architect
#Leading Architect
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Виктория Рахманова
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Viktoria Rakhmanova
#Leading Architect
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Архитектор Ольга Симонович
#Leading Architect
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Irina Gracheva Architect
#Leading Architect
Irina Gracheva
Anton Podobulkin
Наталья Круглова | Архитектор
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Юлия Бадья
#Interior Designer
Julia Badya
#Leading Structural Engineer
Mikhail Distler
#Structural Engineer
Marina Bondar
Сергей Романов
#Structural Engineer
Sergey Romanov
Marina Karpuhina
#Structural Engineer
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Виктория Здановская | Архитектурное Бюро ПРОЕКТУС
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Vasiliy Rogozin