The consortium LapLab and AM.PROEKTUS has won III place in the competition for the landscape design for Crystal city - former Moscow vodka factory

Competition results were announced at press-conference 22-th of may at Moscow Media press agency.

The finalists rating:

  1. Consortium Nowadays / Arenas Basabe Palacios arquitectos (Moscow, Russia, - Madrid, Spain)

  2. Rozgdestvenka (Moscow, Russia)
  3. Consortium  AM.PROEKTUS & LAP Landscape & Urban Design (Moscow, Russia – Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  4. AI-STUDIO (Moscow, Russia)
  5. Consortium Bureau «KONTORA» и «KabinetZvukozapisy» (Moscow, Russia)
  6. Alphabet City (Moscow, Russia)
  7. Consortium Practica/MDM-Light (Moscow, Russia)
  8. Architectural bureau WALL (Moscow, Russia)
  9. Consortium AdjoubeiScott-Whitby (London, United Kingdom – Moscow, Russia)

Press - conference photo: MOSCOW city news agency


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